Will RealSurveysThatPay pay me?

            Absolutely! RealSurveysThatPay provides its members plenty of opportunities to earn. We pay for member participation in live surveys and offers found on their Live Surveys page, Daily Surveys, Offer Walls and Videos. We send invites to participate in Incentivized offers. We pay our users for reading Rewards Mail and Referring Friends. We also send members emails to invite them to participate in daily surveys and live surveys each day. After members complete surveys from RealSurveysThatPay emails successfully, they can expect to be credited their incentive within 24 hours. New earning opportunities are coming, so please check your RealSurveysThatPay account regularly to stay tuned.

            Please note: all offers listed on the pages other than mentioned above are 3rd party offers that RealSurveysThatPay refers its member to. RealSurveysThatPay doesn’t pay for those offers, nor do we hold any responsibility for the content found and conditions mentioned on those sites. To receive your compensation for surveys taken elsewhere contact the relevant survey site.

            Updated: 14 May 2018 01:14 AM
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