Why do I get disqualified from surveys?

            First, let us assure you that here at we are also very sorry that our members can't qualify 100% of times for surveys we refer them too. We are constantly reaching out to survey providers in order to improve the chances for each our member to earn incentives for each survey they take from our site. Here are the tips following which you can increase your successful survey completion and avoid disqualifications.

            - Surveys are targeted at specific populations.  You will notice on our site, there is a list of Profile Surveys.   These are different from regular surveys in that they are not intended to provide any feedback to companies/surveyers.  Instead, they contain prequalification questions that, when answered, determine which population you fall in.  For example, a question might ask whether you're married or how many children you have.  This would determine whether you're qualified for surveys that are targeted to married people with children.
            At the beginning of a regular survey that offers a payout, the survey will attempt to determine whether you fall within its targeted population.  If you haven't already answered the qualification questions associated with the survey by completing a Profile Survey, then you will be asked those prequalification questions up front.  After responding to those prequalification questions, the site may inform you that you are not qualified for that particular survey.
            The best way to avoid the situation when you are rejected is to fill in all the profile surveys available on your dashboard. The more we know about you, the closer match of surveys we can propose you on your dashboard or invite you to via email. Stay tuned to the email invitations from since they are your personalized invites based on the profiles you filled out on the site.

            - In addition to dashboard surveys, we also pay our users for taking daily surveys and offers. Many of them also have their own qualification questions.  We know those aren't the most exciting part of surveys, but they take just a couple minutes and if you qualify, you get to participate in real research and get paid for your opinion.

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